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Contacto Canada Educational Travel is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in cultural and educational travel experiences for Latin Americans in Canada. We also offer educational and cultural travel experiences for Canadians in Latin America, Spain, and other locations around the globe.

Our services include representing, creating, and advising the best travel cultural / Educational experiences abroad for Canadians and educational and cultural travel experiences in Canada for Latin Americans.

This company was created by Mauricio Pizarro, and one of his biggest passions: Cultural travel.

At age 37, Mauricio has a degree in Marketing from “Universidad Politecnico Grancolombiano”, as well a certificate in e-business and e-commerce from the University of British Columbia. He has worked in different management, customer service and marketing positions in 4 different countries, has participated in 3 cultural exchange programs and travelled to more than 35 countries throughout his life. His experiences allow him to understand the needs and expectations of people traveling abroad for Cultural and education experiences.


Want to travel, discover a new culture and learn Spanish abroad and don’t know where to start and what to do?  Contacto Canada Educational Travel gives you advice about the best travel and study options in Latin America and Spain.

Our knowledge and experience in Latin America and Latin American culture, will make your life easier and your experience a more productive one, not to mention one of the best in your life!

We also offer tailored packages, where you can travel around a specific country and/or different countries and study while you travel.


My name is Lisa Coburn and I'm 23 years old. When I graduated from university, I wanted to experience travelling before I settled in with a job. I have always been interested in Latin American culture, and in learning Spanish. I had heard incredible things about Costa Rica in particular, from a lot of friends who had visited the country for pleasure. I had never travelled abroad before, and was unsure as to how to choose an institution that would give me the best learning experience for my money. I was also scared about leaving the country, and not having enough help to get around; after all, I was in a foreign place! Luckily, I heard about Contacto Canada, and was immediately interested in what they had to offer. They were willing to help me with planning my trip, as well as setting me up with a place where I could study Spanish. I was in Costa Rica for 6 months, and I did not have to worry about a single thing while I was there. Contacto made my experience easy, manageable, and most of all, the most valuable, fun adventure I've ever had. Mauricio's background knowledge, and experience in travelling really gave me an insight into what I was supposed to expect, and I'm really lucky that some one with that much experience was there to answer my every question and provide support.  I'm really glad they helped me, it would've been so hard planning it by myself!!


For more information about learning Spanish abroad, call us or e-mails us at:

604 357 3774
604 309 7181

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